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tv   Headline News  RT  February 14, 2013 8:00am-8:28am EST

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an unemployed a frenchman. in front of a state agency and the nation's unemployment those figures are a year high. the u.s. military to carry out remote killings to take center stage by giving accolades to soldiers operating the american. borders on steps up security as worries mount over an outbreak of violence during tomorrow's two year anniversary since the ousting of colonel qadhafi. great to have you with us here on. live in moscow with your worldwide news an
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unemployed french man committed suicide by setting himself on fire near a job center in the city of not the forty three year old had been refused unemployment benefits in a country which is suffering his highest jobless rate for thirteen years the man had reportedly threatened suicide but his cries for help were ignored. it said it reports that he had actually set a letter to some journalists saying that he was going to do this this week so the police had said that they had set of surveillance outside that employment agency but they didn't manage to see him he was already on fire they said he had entered through a side street and therefore this tragedy had happened now the man did this after finding out that he is no longer eligible for those unemployment benefits and this is not the first time it has happened in france in august we know that a fifty year old jobless man had done the same and this is a worrying sign for france for a country that has seen its unemployment rising for the past twenty months and this
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after a president had been elected on a campaign of jobs and growth so we haven't seen any improvements on this one so a lot has declared twenty thirteen as a battle for jobs he said that by the end of the year there would be he would be creating jobs for the french people however statistics show that by midyear the number is set to rise and let's not forget that more than three million french people this number does not include people who have quit the unemployment program because they simply have exhausted all their benefits similar to the case of the man who were just burgeon self and also those young people who have never registered or those who are in part time jobs if we look at the trend we've seen a lot of suicides and attempted suicides in countries like greece one of the hardest hit euro zone countries because of this eurozone crisis there's a general feeling of a still in the country a lot of people going out in protest we've also heard of stories of suicides in italy another hard hit country so if we're looking at the trend that's happening in europe we hope it does not continue but we could see
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a lot more of expressions of dissatisfaction. artie's tests are sillier reporting there from brussels at the pentagon and once those fighting us wars from a far to be firmly in the spotlight defense secretary leon panetta has announced the creation of a distinguished warfare medal it will be handed out to joystick wielding drone pilots who also mostly wage their battles without setting foot in any combat zones a bit earlier artie's are in english to explain to me what it takes to get the award. so your signature you have a joystick and you point click and they get an award essentially that's all it takes to get it together and medal which is supposed to rank higher than the bronze medal which is given out to people who actually perform combat duty but according to the pentagon criteria i'm going to cite it here it will be recognizing a single act that directly affects the combat operation does not involve an act of
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valor and warrants that award higher than the bronze medal so instead of having to go to the front line and risk the extreme bloody violence there you can just sit in your recliner with a joystick and maybe a couple for example and just wage war from about a thousand miles away i guess perhaps there is the perhaps there's a basic knowledge of the territory somewhere in the border between afghanistan and pakistan that's involved but let's compare it just sitting around basically just sitting at a base to doing something like something that was done by sergeant william stacey in two thousand and eleven he received a bronze medal a bronze a bronze star which is considered to rank below this medal that we're talking about now what he did was receiving fire along with his squad from ten or twelve and the fighters from five separate fighting positions though outnumbered stacy in his squad held back numerous flanking attempts and accurate enemy grenades and large caliber fire he was hailed for questionably saving the lives of his marines this is association from his award citation and he actually died in combat in january of
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two thousand and eleven so again this man apparently did a lot less than was a person sitting at an army base and pointing a mouse and clicking on their territory somewhere in the middle east. stores are brought in stores which as you say have now been. the main awarded with those they must have been praised for some very heroic deeds. you are talking about here yes the sergeant that was in question was actually doing something on the ground right now we're talking about drone strikes we're talking about a very. questionable by a lot of institutions specially human rights organizations that practice of protecting the united states and the world from terrorism as the pentagon the you know you don't own drone strikes. strikes where they target someone via satellite and via this brilliant camera on the drone they never hit civilians they only hit militants right that is the official version but they even had they had to change that which was which they have been ruined by them i mean the american officials
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the pentagon officials they stuck by that rhetoric for years until i think roughly two thousand and six when they had to acknowledge that yes indeed at least at the best half of the people who are being killed by the drone strikes are actually innocent bystanders in fact there has been a research done by various universities there was a study from from the new york university school of law as well as stanford university law school and they have said that roughly all out of those killed only two percent are actually high importance targets that is those are the only two percent of people who are being killed are known terrorists ninety eight percent. happen to be whoever it is very very disturbing numbers numbers are disturbing and i'm like to go back and remind you that now people who are doing this and who are basically responsible for it are going to be awarded a medal that is going to rank higher than somebody who actually lay down his life in the line of duty. he's a ridiculous crowd there i spoke to him just
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a bit earlier in the program well there are no awards for cyber spying in the u.s. just yet big brother certainly still watching the largest offense contractor in the west develop software that can predict people's behavior by using social networks report on that in just a few minutes. from now security is tight in libya head of the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled the gadhafi regime the borders with two museum egypt will be shut for fall. have days and some international airlines have suspended flights to the country there are growing calls for protests and the threat of possible street violence blogger and libya expert leonor maisonette says it authorities are scared and are involving western forces to defend themselves they're afraid of a big big demonstrations like they did with not to with. when not to was bombing so
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there are saying to the people if you come out we would be hard with you they are taking people to the prisons airplanes are full eyeing on the you know war airplanes are flying on the air in t.v. people are mean mercenaries are coming from outside so i put the libyan government before i mean. the most important thing was no idea and they were had big big controls for archaia that never went inside libya and any time they have the idea there was one kind of people inside yes they were throwing them away they were very hard with the al-qaeda people in libya before and now it seems not to when to leave yeah i that came in sight and they are controlling every thing france italy britain all this countries are in libya now and they are controlling the oil and they are and they are still courting the new regime now there is
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a lot of italian coming inside and they say for a few days ago there are many many boats big trucks army trucks going inside sleepily to their people saying they are coming from italy they are coming to to help to support you know to. defend this new government. and watching on t.v. live from moscow not let's discuss the issue of the e.u. the eurozone stuttering economies and people ultimately taking their lives when it all becomes a bit too much to bear we were reporting earlier on r.t. about a frenchman who set himself on fire outside a job center in the town of knowledge let's get some more on this now from a sociology and a philosophy lecturer at the university of the g.n.r. panagiotis sorted us now joining us live here on sea as you were hearing me say just a moment ago so thanks for coming on but i was talking about this poor frenchman who set himself on fire now we understand that the unemployment rates in france are
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currently a thirteen year high as it is the man's actions symbolic of the frustration the people there a feeling well that is symbolic of the situation all over the euro zone and i think that people in europe are realizing that what has been happening in the european south and especially greece in the past two or three years has not been an exception it is going to be the rule all over europe. greek's a trick social situation karen flu is very close to a social disaster for example our unemployment rate in greece guarantee is twenty seven percent this rates of unemployment that europe has not seen since the nine hundred seventy s. and i think that more congress are also growing controller in this and suicides of this kind is just an expression of an acute social crisis risk has already
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experienced a rise in suicides in the last four years even about we live in a so i mean it certainly was maybe a year year and a half ago i remember the story of a man shooting himself on the steps of parliament in athens showing his grief with the ongoing financial situation you mention in greece my numbers here more than sixty percent of the country's youth are unemployed how can greece turn it around what do you think i would think of the prospects even because as we know they've been dealing with severe austerity for quite some time now well if we continue along that chosen until now the european union and the international monetary fund namely the us will stare at it and even more wage cuts budget cuts we're just going to see more deterioration of the social situation in greece we are trapped inside of this your circle on was staring. and recession and there's and with the care and policies there's no way out and i think that this image of
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stability projected by the european union or of the i.m.f. in the sense that ok greece is doing well it's it's it's not real you know we heard you talk about i'm sort of jump in but you talk about this because as you say there are some e.u. leaders that are suggesting that the entire continent is emerging from the euro crisis i mean could you just explain for us what exactly are these claims based upon. i well i think that they have to explain what they are based upon because in reality the euro zone has is it's officially in a recession. that the debt crisis is not going to be result through austerity measures i mean greece they're projecting that we we will reach in two thousand and twelve or two thousand and thirteen their level this of that that we had when they announced that we were not very serious and dramatic debt situation so what
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there's nothing positive no positive signs unless of course they then manage to starve or a society to impose a lemons or parity and seen before of course if greece somehow the greek people manage to let's say survive on average wages of two hundred or three hundred euro's per month then yes maybe there might be some sort of balance in budget in the economy but this this system situation is going to be a complete catastrophe so i don't think there is any actual exit from the crisis of the eurozone unless there is. a serious change in policies aren't also finalist and philosophy lecturer at the university of the interior in a panic at a secure us thank you very much for coming on on t.v. today.
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teenagers killed in protest two years after an uprising began but pro-democracy still. crisis the u.n. says the situation has become a humanitarian following. the issues plaguing the embattled west african nation after this break. we speak your language. music program documentaries in spanish. to you. a little tentative angles stories. you hear. the spanish. visit.
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more news today. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today.
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thanks for joining us here in our research showed moscow let's get straight to our breaking news for you this hour what we're hearing reports here about the the forty five people have been taken hostage in syria by an armed group and local t.v. channel suggests that most of those captured are women and children they were traveling on a bus from the rest of the province to syria's capital damascus and i will bring you more on this breaking news story as soon as we get it here on c for now the family and friends of hundreds of patients who died to neglect in an english hospital according to a criminal action to be taken against those responsible and official report last week found that many people had died needlessly let's talk more about the scandal over the state of the british health care. standing by live for us now in london sara it's good to see you thanks for coming on to you can you bring us up to date here what what is the latest the edge to this scandal then. ok well in the latest
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twist we've seen that h.s. whistleblower come out and say that he was forced to quit after he'd raise concerns about issues that he said endangered patient safety but this latest revelation comes on the back of the francis report that we saw last week now that was looking into the scandal that happened in that stuff the hospital where it's thought more than a thousand patients kids have died between two thousand and five and two thousand and eight as a result of inhumane and degrading treatment now is an absolutely shocking story r.t. we're covering this very very closely and we can hear now from one of the relatives that we've spoken to a patient that had died in that stuff. war and food stuff and hospital in september if you say it's been eight years just a disaster people you know to be cruel you know stuff from very little to four
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hundred. of those that was left. shoes on the floor we've been there to breakfast time before that scene would describe. the most horrible scene still. to be she had to go through what she went through. well of course incredibly disturbing and i think a lot of the. relatives of the patients who died a lot of the people who were campaigning very very hard for what had been happening at mid staffordshire to be revealed and to be investigated if not breathed a sigh of relief were perhaps. were perhaps relieved when the francis report came out that at least now something was being done and that something would be looked into but of course the nazi shots just seem to keep on coming in this he said this
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latest twist is the n.h.s. whistleblower he says that he was confronted with many of the same decisions and concerns that were raised at mit started to hospital now he was the head of one of the hospitals a united lincolnshire hospital and now this is one of nine hospitals that are now being investigated on the back of the revelations of mid staffordshire so that's obviously deeply concerning that he was facing many of the same problems he claims that government targets that he refused to meet with fear that it would endanger patient safety meant that he then had to quit and was subject to a so-called secret gag to keep him quiet and to keep these revelations from coming out of the health authority to know this but of course it's just the latest in a series of revelations about failing through then the n.h.s. and again causing huge concern. these allegations as far as i understand some of these allegations in the consequences are going back four years at least two why is
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it only now that all these things are starting to come to light. absolutely we're i mean i think this is a real concern as we said the relatives of people he died worse than n.h.s. care have been campaigning very very hard to have some of these scandals made public but it does seem that this has been going on for a long long time the whistle blower has spoken out gary walker talked of a culture there and oppression and certainly it seems that a lot of these problems have been going on for many many years now i'm joined by the head one of the members of the n.h. a political party new york political party that's being formed people within the health care profession and that all very concerned about what's happening in the n.h.s. right now when the mid staffordshire scandal with rubio's very much the rhetoric from the government was that this was an exceptional case that this was if not a one of it was particularly bad and yet we're seeing one of the hospitals being
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investigated and it seems that nothing shocks just keep on coming east surprised at this no not surprised that this wild stuff the trip was particularly bad there have always been in the n.h.s. while most of the care has been fantastic over the years in such a complicated organization and such a large organization there will be such incidents that have been for many years the real problem is the n.h.s. and the government do not seem to be able to learn from the old inquiries that have been from thirty years ago the hospital advisory service would report and i think the same things are still going on now ok when it comes to the francis report i mean how much can we expect from this then because it's coming perhaps some relief for the families but yet it seems that there's all this other stuff this you know now being exposed how much more do we not know about well i don't think that i think that there will be other cases but it's going to be expected i don't think
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they'll be used stuff and but the problem is as i say that. we don't know yet how to avoid these in the future and the government doesn't know and that's got to be one of the main focuses of all efforts people who work in the n.h.s. and all of us in the community to find out how to prevent these sorts of things going on the pressures of only n.h.s. have always been there and i think that over the last twenty years have got more got worse and therefore you have the situation with the chief executive having to choose a totally unacceptable make an unacceptable choice and that's really the focus here right now at the moment as well rory is that a lot of people certainly relatives of people who died people who've been campaigning have been a very much calling for the head of the n.h.s. he presided over the n.h.s. whilst this is going on here if the in his job they've been calling for him to
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resign but as yet he has resisted those calls right ortiz or for their life in london and thanks to both thank you. if i were coming to live from moscow and a teenager has reportedly been killed in clashes between police and protesters in bahrain like libya the gulf state is marking two years since the start of its own uprising the demonstrators say their demands to end discrimination and release all political prisoners have just been ignored let's get more on this now from london based bahraini activist dominic a cup of cab joining us live a. good to see you today so on the second anniversary of your uprising any any highlights any positive achievement so far. well realistically we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform we've seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first martyr of the uprising was killed and now two years later on the same day the fourteenth of february another
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teenager has been killed today and this really shows in displays the lack of reform the continuous human rights abuses the continuous repression taking place on the streets of behind that we've certainly seen a violent crackdowns against political activists the opposition is currently holding a reconciliation talks with the sunni rulers any chance you think of a peaceful resolution but what i think certainly what we hope for i mean it's good the dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that you know this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to possibly put dine in jeopardy you know as i say we hope that these talks can lead to a peaceful solution because the only way that bahrain can move on from this in towards a democratic outcome is through a peaceful solution but at the moment it's hard to judge with what we've seen happening today what do you think the ruling family itself really has genuine intentions going into these negotiations or is it just a part of trying to appease the violence and protest what i think the ruling family
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there's been one more than one idea it within the ruling family i think of course there are those who simply. i want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue and there is not a great thing was continuing the violations on the street in the same time i think there are those who understand the need that the country will only move forward with with with a real meaningful dialogue i mean the people have come out on the streets time and time again saying that they they won they simply will go until this reform and i think the fact that they've stayed out for two years is clearly proves that so the only solution is through dialogue and i think the regime has to realize that i think they'll also realize the human rights groups continue to have been calling now for the past couple of years on the bucker any with already as to to release all prisoners of conscience and you think they'll get the thing is into that muddy water or not. again it's another area that we don't know exactly what the regime is thinking and i and you know it was deeply concerning on the seventh of january that
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they are held to life sentences against these opposition figures you know a lot of people thought that perhaps they they were going to be released and in fact. more by year and a half ago said that there can only be meaningful dialogue if these political prisoners are released he said how can you have a dialogue what's opposition figures that are in jail so you know this is another thing that you know really needs to happen you've got people seven life sentences simply food freely expressing their opinion whilst torturers and human rights violates is walking free on the streets of course i mean we all know very well about the prominent human rights activist and i believe rajab he was jailed for three years basically for inciting anti-government protests with his online speeches what about the western nations there dominick i mean that the western nations they've been taking a strong stance against human rights violations in other countries all have they done the same do you think in bahrain no of course they haven't to the same to the same level to the same degree and it is deeply worrying you know that they continue
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to not necessarily remain silent but to not use this or pressure that they can use i mean this is going on for two years and every single time. a major violation happens the international community or human social governments might come out and say this is a bad thing but what are they really doing how they really applying pressure on the back government to begin the process of reform that's not clear and there really isn't enough public statements and there's not a lot enough public pressure being put on right and they feel like they're in and they can and they can essentially do what they want without any real backlash from the international community right at london based on the activists to dominate kavakeb thanks for coming on today. in a just a moment here on the program it's gun control the ongoing debate in america to stay with us for that.


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